May Online Briefing

On Tuesday 12 May Michael Wilson and James Reardon discussed the considerations surrounding paying travel expenses to employees in line with HMRC's permanent workplace rules.

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June Online Briefing

On Tuesday 9 June at 10:00am Gurmukh Hayre and Chris Sewell will be discussing the major changes to pensions that took effect earlier this year and exploring the implications.

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    Sponsorship certificates have run out for the first time since 2011

    There is a wide variety of routes by which foreign nationals can come to the UK. For the internationally mobile individual, the Tier 2 category, which replaced the UK Work Permit scheme, is by far the most utilised route. Under the Tier 2 category, the entity sponsoring the individual will first need to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship to assign to the individual before they can make a valid application.

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